Become a Successful Freelancer

successful Freelancer

Becoming a successful Freelancer

First, you need to understand what a Freelancer is. A Freelancer is someone who works on a contract basis for different clients. We take on projects and complete tasks and assignments as per the required deadlines. The Freelancers are in the business of developing websites and marketing campaigns, and they get compensated by the clients in the form of money. We’re a professional who works independently and is highly skilled in our field. We are capable of working on multiple projects for different clients. Switching between projects and adapting to changes should also be one of our abilities. As a Freelancer myself, I am dedicated to my clients and am always there for them. I always love helping others to get their work done.
Secondly, Freelancers will work on multiple projects at the same time and are not tied down to one client. They have the ability to switch between projects and adapt to changes.
Lastly, a Freelancer should always learn new things and ideas. Technologies are becoming advanced, and systems do change from time to time.

Work from home mom

Life of a work from home mom

work from home setup

Work from home mom

Work from home setup has been the option to continue with the business by most entrepreneurs when the pandemic hit the world. In my own experience, the pandemic was like a blessing in disguise for me. Because after two years that I’ve been searching for a client online, I finally got him.


It was challenging when I first started working from home. I don’t know how to handle the situation around my own home while working. I read articles online on how I can manage myself. As time goes by, I use to it already.


I was very grateful for the wonderful experiences I had with my former clients. I started from scratch, and for two years now, I have learned a lot every day.


My goal as a Freelancer is to help my client grow with their’s businesses. Part of being me always wants to help people. What I love about being a Freelancer are the unlimited learnings and experiences.

What makes me decide to offer freelancing services?

Remembering way back in 2018 when I started applying for freelance jobs. I was trying to think that maybe offering freelancing services is one of the best businesses that I could have. But I wasn’t lucky enough to find a client. Because of that, I decided to continue working in a BPO company in the corporate world.


I have been working as a call center agent for almost three years. I heard that time that Freelancing was booming. So I prayed that hopefully one day I also find my lucky one.


Moving forward in the year 2020, we transitioned to working from home because of the pandemic. I received an email from a client looking for a VA for his newly launched product on Amazon. I think I was referred by one of the clients, where I passed the first assessment during the application but ended up hiring someone else. He did promise during that time that he will give me referrals to someone who is in need of a VA. Going back, I was hired by him and I stayed for him for almost two years.


For this year 2022, my goal is to balance my daily life as a wife and a mother of three. So I have invested my time and money to enroll and study Freelancing niches such as Graphic design and SEO. It feels amazing that I was able to start with it smoothly, and I am now on 50% of the SEO course.

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