About Me

I am a wife and a mother of three lovely children. Being around my family every day is the best gift ever. Working in this environment gives me the freedom to choose my most valuable time while assuring that I have delivered the very best result to my clients. As a family woman, I am looking forward to freelance work where I can still manage my time with my family while completing my freelancing tasks every day.

freelancer Glaiza

My Mission

Able to provide the best services that create the most value for my clients, giving quality service, and satisfaction.

My Values

I strive to go above and beyond for my clients no matter what the challenge is. I aim to deliver the very best work every single day across the services that I have offered.

“Glaiza is an honest, hardworking, and a trustworthy team member and you will not regret having her on your team. She is transparent with her work and will make sure she stays on top of every task that you give to her.”

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Michael Eilinger
PPC Manager @ Kiss My Keto

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FH Mom's Certificate
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