Work from home mom

Life of a work from home mom

work from home setup

Work from home mom

Work from home setup has been the option to continue with the business by most entrepreneurs when the pandemic hit the world. In my own experience, the pandemic was like a blessing in disguise for me. Because after two years that I’ve been searching for a client online, I finally got him.


It was challenging when I first started working from home. I don’t know how to handle the situation around my own home while working. I read articles online on how I can manage myself. As time goes by, I use to it already.


I was very grateful for the wonderful experiences I had with my former clients. I started from scratch, and for two years now, I have learned a lot every day.


My goal as a Freelancer is to help my client grow with their’s businesses. Part of being me always wants to help people. What I love about being a Freelancer are the unlimited learnings and experiences.